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Qimmiq is a breed of Husky also called Canadian Inuit.
It is appreciated for its loyalty, courage, stamina faithfulness and it helps you to discover new areas.
Qimmiq is the alliance of these strong values, love of sport, and the image of nature.
The world of the image is changing and evolving fast towards new technologies. Our ambition is to become a reference brand for quality image and virtual reality.

Qimmiq is:
- A quality brand dedicated to the image of universe
- An ecosystem of products that constantly follow market trends
- A neat design

Aimed at a young audience, but not only. Qimmiq also meets the needs of athletes, families and professionals.

Qimmiq is also:
- A strong DNA: The picture quality!
- A leitmotiv : Design, Quality, Simplicity
- A principle : products at the right price

Our products