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Continuum is a Swiss company based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Founded in 2015, our company seeks to offer a tailored service, meeting the specific requirements of our business partners. Continuum is an innovative structure, willing to adapt to new market requirements.

We are a launch platform for innovative projects and products on the market. With strong financial management skills, administrative and business development, we allow you to significantly accelerate the implementation of your projects and products in Switzerland and across Europe. In addition, we aim to support the creation of business and the development of your structure. From the choice of the legal form to the establishment of a solid business plan, we support you in the next steps to your future success.

The company is based on three fundamental pillars

A high-quality network
A satisified and solid customer base, reliable transporters, an efficient administrative management and invested suppliers.
A different perspective
Suppliers, distributors and vendors, learn from our mistakes and share together our successes. Find all together the keys to success.
A creation of mutual value
The sustainability of the common business is for us indispensable. An effective business strategy, based on transparency, is a guarantee of satisfaction for all.

Our goal, our mission and our values

  • Facilitate the integration of innovative products and services in the European market.
  • Support the creation of young companies and giving them a framework of operation.
  • Develop solid and reliable relationships with our partners focused on mutual trust and respect for the work accomplished.
  • We are committed to our partners and we offer them services adapted to their specific needs.
  • Import and commercialize high-quality products.
  • We are committed to defend the interests of our clients and partners involving the whole supply chain in our efforts.
  • We are committed to work transparently with our partners downstream and upstream.