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Active in Europe and in Switzerland we are the ideal partner to position and commercialize your products to millions of customers represented by this market. We operate primarily in the consumer electronics and sport business, while exploiting new opportunities that are emerging in a market in constant motion. The privileged relationships with our business partners and our vivacity make our company a serious entry point to penetrate the market quickly and efficiently.

Our products are distributed with the respective guarantee of your country. We keep our commitments to our customers and offer them high-quality products while emplementing an effective quality control in line with the highest international standards.

Home Fitness


The fitness world is constantly evolving. With new research and technologies comes greater knowledge and better results. ProForm® is the leader of in-home fitness, providing beautifully engineered products that are accessible, affordable, and infused with the latest in fitness technology.
What’s your ultimate goal? Will being healthier let you spend more time with your family? Does your morning workout give you what you need to battle the stresses of the day? Everyone with a fitness goal has a reason to change.
A fitness transformation takes hard work, but is made more achievable when the right approach is taken. We believe that taking action will produce change and provide the best opportunity to progress.
For over 30 years, ProForm® has offered the motivation needed to start and continue a fitness transformation. We provide the confidence necessary to transform. Whatever your reason to be better, our goal is to instill confidence in you and see you change inside and out.
We are passionate about helping others find success, and we continually lead the industry by staying on the forefront of fitness and providing the most effective workout possible.
ProForm®. Smart Fitness Starts Here.

Home Fitness


The Beginning
About 25 years ago, NordicTrack skiers began popping up in living rooms all over the country. With the help of a vigorous television marketing campaign, a new fitness craze was born. The appeal was obvious—the skier infused the smooth feel of cross-country skiing with the calorie-burning benefits of a total-body workout.
The secret was in the design. Gliding wood skis provided the perfect amount of resistance, the flywheel cables simulated the feeling of actual skiing and the precision adjustments allowed customization for each user.
As time went on, the NordicTrack line grew to include dozens of skier models for sports enthusiasts at every level. Eventually, they expanded into the area they now know best: smooth, low-impact exercise machines. This led to the release of a new line of ellipticals with the patented NordicTrack touch.
A New Era for NordicTrack
With a second wind in the late 1990s, NordicTrack began to expand into other home fitness equipment, including its acclaimed line of treadmills and Incline Trainers. The same flair for ultimate design and comfort led the company to sell strength machines, stationary bikes, steppers, apparel and much, much more.
Life's An Adventure. Get Ready for It.™
NordicTrack has come to symbolize the means for serious athletes and fitness-buffs alike to "get ready for adventure," whatever that may be. Whether it's preparing to rock climb in Yosemite, river raft on the Colorado or simply fit into that new swimsuit, NordicTrack has the solution.
Today, NordicTrack a leading brand of ICON Health & Fitness, and the complete line can be found at NordicTrack products are available around the globe including NordicTrack Australia, Workout Warehouse, Elite Fitness New Zealand, and Treadmill World.

Running & outdoor

Ultimate Direction

Ultimate Direction since 1985

In 1985 Ultimate Direction invented the entire category of hydration packs. We created the first waist pack for carrying bottles, a few years later made the first pack/strap to carry a water bottle in your hand, and have made many other innovations that define what a hydration pack is today.

30 years later we remain a market leader, having created and popularized the "vest" concept for carrying water. We introduced the very first women's-specific line of hydration packs and have brought the classics of the past into the technical future with award-winning gear such as our Fastpack and Ultra Jacket.

Our products are designed by athletes for athletes, and the Jenny Collection was designed by women for women. Some of the best runners in the world thought long and hard about what works the best, and the result is absolutely great gear.

one mission

Our mission is to provide the ultimate in high performance hydration for everyday athletes. We reengineer, reinvent, and redefine high performance hydration for everyday athletes.

one history

It all began when UD founder, Bryce Thatcher, solved his hydration problems by taking matters into his own hands-crafting his first hydration pack on his mother’s sewing machine.



Swip was created in the very heart of the swiss alps, to meet the demanding needs of athletes in difficult conditions. In this environment, intense efforts are common, and people are demanding.




Every fitness company calls themselves innovative. But what does it mean? At Freemotion, being innovative means questioning how we workout and redefining it. We do things not because everyone else is doing them, but because no one else is doing them. We know that life isn’t about working out, but working out is what creates a more adventurous life. We make machines that change your mood, mind and fitness level. We partner with business owners, community centers and franchisees to create a workout experience you can’t get at the facility around the corner.

Innovation is about getting there first - like how Freemotion introduced cable-based strength training, the Incline Trainer and the first road simulating indoor bike. Innovative is more than something you call yourself, it’s what gets you out of bed every day. It’s the reason why Freemotion is a part of ICON Health and Fitness - a leading fitness manufacturer, 40 years strong. At Freemotion we don’t call ourselves innovative, we live innovation each and every day.



REAXING is a philosophy of life and an innovative training methodology based on a patented technology.
The innovation of this technology consists in delivering, during the motor gesture, sudden sensory impulses to force and/or encourage the user to react.
From this technology was born a line of exclusive products with greater effectiveness than normal equipment and which thus allows to accelerate the training results.